What’s going on:


The main thing that is happening at the moment is my return to gigging with Phil Doleman.  After almost three years of not gigging together, we found ourselves on the same bill at a Uke festival in Norwich last year. I saw his set of old-time, Good-time, Ragtime Blues, and was immediately taken with it. Early this year, I moved to the same town as Phil, and it wasn’t long before we got together for a jam. We jammed on his existing set; I added plenty of ‘boom-chick’ guitar groove to his stellar uke riffing, and we both loved the result. And it wasn’t just the sound we made – we’d forgotten how much fun the process of playing together had been.

It also got us talking about how much fun touring together had been, and the loose jam turned into proper rehearsal, culminating in a return to the stage together. So far, we’ve played a dozen or so gigs in this format, and it is colossal fun.


We also recorded a 6-track EP:


This is available through Phil’s website, as well as iTunes and the usual online places.  And of course, when we’re gigging, we’ll have some CDs with us too.  Check Phil’s website for where and when we’ll be playing together in the future.

I am also busy writing a new set of songs, which I hope to be ready in the next couple of months. They are a slight departure from my usual ukulele-based, multi-tracked recordings. I am writing them on guitar, and intend to record them as live takes, just voice and guitar, no tricks, no overdubs, no endless processing. Then, I’ll be looking at taking them out and about.13321801_10154059767030708_5858534686558756330_n


Of course, my baritone ukulele and my mixed soprano/baritone ukulele set is still up and running, so keep an eye out for that if ukulele is more your bag.  My last album, Nocturnal Emissions, is still available as a download from all the usual sites.